What is the background of the mSSB students?

Since the mSSB Master is highly interdisciplinary, we accept students with various backgrounds (biology, physics, pharmacy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, etc). Bi-disciplinary cursus including biology is favored, but highly-achieving and motivated students in any of the cited disciplines can apply.

See the major disciplines studied by former mSSB students here.



Is mSSB a 1-year or 2-year program?

In France the Masters (M Sc) are prepared in 2 years, and mSSB is a one year-program corresponding to the 2nd year (or specialization year) of Masters.

Is it possible to apply directly for mSSB (a Master 2) without taking the Master 1?

To enter mSSB students must have validated at least 4 years of higher education (i.e. 4 years after after finishing high-school) in any University or Engineering School.

Dates of start and end of the program?

The mSSB program starts in the middle of September and ends at the end of July. The detailed schedule is available online on this website.



What is the university annual tuition fee?

The registration fees at the University Paris-Saclay are around 350 euros/year. For further details see the Registration page on this website.

What is the living cost in Paris area?

– For lodging, rental costs in studios are around 500 euros / month in Paris area. Some student rooms are available in Evry for mSSB students, the price is between 350 and 450 euros / month.

– According to former students, living in Paris area costs approximately 1000 euros / month (including lodging).

– During your 6-month lab training period (2nd semester), if you choose a French lab, you will be paid a minimum of 500 euros / month by the lab. This minimum stipend is imposed by the French law.

What are the lodging possibilities in Evry?

A few student rooms are available in priority for Master 2 students in a student residence of Evry on the basis of academic excellence. Students are informed on the procedures in due time.

For other lodging possibilities, see the Student Life page on this website.

Are there any scholarships available?

French Institutions propose very few scholarships for Master students. These scholarships are based on pedagogic criteria. See the Scholarships page on this website.

Scholarships based on social criteria, information may be found on the CROUS website.

We also urge you to contact your home-country Embassy or Consulate to find out about potential scholarships.



How can I find my internship?

We provide a list of hosting labs in France and abroad, on this website. But students may contact any research lab or company working on Systems or Synthetic Biology.

Can I choose a hosting lab that is not in the mSSB list?

Yes. In that case, the mSSB directors must validate your choice.

Which requirements the hosting lab should fulfill?

The hosting lab may be an academic lab or a private company. However, the laboratory must propose a fundamental research project, on topics related to Systems or Synthetic Biology.


What do the mSSB students become after graduation?

Most of the former mSSB students are enrolled in PhD programs. Some students work in Biotech companies or created their own Biotech compagny. See details on mSSB student first destination on Professional Perspectives page on this website.