Several services are available to students and researchers to facilitate their insertion in the Paris area, in particular paperwork, legal issues, cheap lodging, free language courses (mSSB also offers lessons of French as a foreign language):

University of Evry – International Relations Office

Science accueil

University of Evry – Housing platform. To connect:

  • if you are already a University of Evry student, use your student number and your usual password
  • if you are not yet a University of Evry student, use LOGEMENTEVRY (for French students) or HOUSINGEVRY (for non French students) and the accession code you received with your admission notification
Arpej: a new Arpej accommodation opened on September 2017 in Evry (in front of Genopole campus 1), for students and young researchers.


Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris




Adele in French only

Univercity in French only
Paris Etudiant in French only
Campus France
Service Public